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Binge drinking

Do you binge drink? Do you think about the long-term health implications of binge drinking? Do you regularly have nights out and not remember anything? Would your nights be boring if they were spent sober?



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Tonty  k

Why do i drink, it numbs my brain if theres one left.I work hard at work but don't relise the problems i;m doing to my family which i love to bits please help,iv'e got a fantastic family who love me and i don't want to lose.But as i speak i've got a beer in my hand,i don't drink in the day just after work to chillout.

wendy odell

i have been drinking for a long time. When I was a teeenager I drank every second day. As I grew up this didnt change. once I divorced in 2002 I realized I had a problem and cut my drinking to just weekends. Sometimes I would get drunk and sometimes not. Things have changed over the last few years and find myself drinking every day. during the week I will only have 2-3 beers. and on weekends get drunk. Last wednesday I had a 3 day drinking binge. the binges are getting more and more. I have a dear friend that says if I keep it up I will lose him as a friend. I have spsent the last 2 days thinking about my drinking and finally realize I have a problem. I have asked for the support of my friend. I have gotton rid of all booze in my house. And here I am. I am sure talking about it would help. Thanks


hi i feel ashamed of myself, my mum had a 60th birthday party i kicked off big style but i don't remember a thing about it now no one wants anything to do with me anymore I've said sorry but no one is listening. i don't know what im going to do im all on my own lost my family. i know its all my fault stupid me


I feel so strongly on the subject of binge drinking as I have been down that road for 21 years and I have now decided to compile a book on the subject by inviting people through facebook to add their own experiences from pictorial incidents to written records.
I have reaped the negative effects from this unrestrained excess and I am determined to form some good conclusion from this nightmarish experince with the ultimate hope of educating people and very possibly saving lives.
I hope the moderator allows this post and link as it is a truly sincere attempt to bring forth some change.
I mean at the end of the day, everybody is getting taxed silly by the government for this and yet it is creating so much hell in peoples lives.Why should we all pay tax from the misery that alcohol can create?This is just one of the topics that I invite people to add to.
Come and see and feel free to leave your own tales and experiences with the aim of making change.


I can relate to cindy everyone else who has posted comments!!!!!
I have a four year old daughter and often times she is asleep when I do my "binge drinking." I usually drink in my back yard with my husband who is too an alchoholic who drinks daily. We usually drink with friends and family. This is the way we all "spend time together." I only worry that my daughter might wake up and see me doing something REALLY stupid, as I have been known to do.

Lonely wife

my husband is a binge drinker. He is slowly killing our relationship. Yet when I say something about it he denies everything and becomes defensive about his behaviour. He tells me I am trying to control his life. I ask him to seek help - he says he doesn't require it.
When he is sober he acts as though nothing has happened. I cry myself to bed every night when he decides to drink. What should I do?
Please think about your loved ones when you are drinking. It is not just your life you are ruining.


I am 50 years old married for 26 yrs with 6 kids a loveless marriage met a darling jamaican aged 25 yrs who loves me dearly, amazing sex but i drink nearly evety night to excess why ? my mum died aS AN ACHOLIC and my dad is an alcholic aged 79 yrs why am i drinking now HELP.


I will try to be brief. I can relate to ALL of ya'lls stories! I am beginning to learn the effects my drinking has caused. I have been a drinker since, well, if I am honest, my late teens. At age I got alcohol poisoning after drinking at a post play gathering, ( I was brought to my father's ER with a BAL of .42) I was not a every weekend drinker and in several large chunks of my life, I never drank at all. But the periods in my life when I DID drink, I would really drink, ( though thank heaven I have a sensitive stomach and can rarely drink more than 6 drinks at any given sitting without getting violently sick). However, around age 34, I became a DAILY drinker. Mostly only 2 - 4 light beers a day.... But some days, I can get up to 5 - 6 for a few days on a row. I am resistant to the idea that AA is my ownly hope, (I have reasons I would discuss freely with anyone). I am getting too long, but wanted to share. I hope beyond hope I can gather the courage to stop. I wish any person wanting to stop drinking so much so often the best of luck!

Kelly Van Rijn  /Arnhem, Netherlands

Wow, what a cow. Her parents must be so proud.


this is a very sticky subject but one which if the person s available to help is a step forward to normalaty


I do know what you are going through i have the same problem and would like to hear from someone who can help me and and maybe you to


Hi i binge drink every other day i like to have a glass of wine but i wish it was just a glass once i open it i have to drink it all it used to be ok but now every time i drink i loss my memory it is worse when i go out last time i woke up after a night out i had bumped my head and had bruses all over my body but i dont remember a thing so who nos what happend to me i realy need to stop befor i end up in hospital but how ?

Peter Sullivan

First time I've read Fabulous today and its been a real shock. I used to go to college with Cindy when I was 17 - now 22. We were great friends as she used to live on the same road as me. Looking back now I have realised just how much of the time we spent together outside college was taken up drinking, I can't think of anything else we did apart from drink. At the time it was great fun, it was just how we had fun. I havn't seen her for a while now since she gave birth as she moved house and we lost touch. I can see now how I have been taking a similar path, currently working away from home I live for the weekend and often go back to work on Mondays feeling bad from the boozing at the weekend, I don't drink on Sunday's as I know I have a long drive to work Monday morning but I see how I make up for it on Friday night and Saturday. I'm happy for Cindy to see her life is getting back on track, but it seems I will continue to live mine the same way because thats just the circle of friends I have.

Been There

This woman's story is a PERFECT EXAMPLE of being powerless over alcohol. If you drink, and then are horrified by your drinking and want not to do it again, but instead drink again and again, you are powerless over alcohol. I know that because I lived through it. THE KEY IS to realize and accept that you're powerless over booze -- that is step 1 of the Alcoholics Anonymous program. If your drinking picks you up and carries you away like this poor woman's boozing does to her, go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. They have the best success rate helping drinkers, and you'll end up with a deeper personality and much better life for it.

Hayleigh McGreene

Ive just read the article 'My Life As A Binge Drinker' (issue 21) and it really hit me hard. Im a girl of 19 and I know so many people who live the life Cindy used to live. There was a time when I nearly went down the same road but lucky for me I realised the consequences of binge drinking and only go out every now and then drinking noway near as much as I used to. Ive seen people drink so much they have been turned away from clubs or chucked out of bars for fighting even friends of mine have been admitted to hospital for binging on drugs and alcohol. Alcohol causes so many problems and too many people my age dont realise the damage binge drinking can do. Its good that Cindy realised what she was doing wrong and bucked her ideas up for her little boy, let her be an example to the many others who think binge drinking is the 'IT' thing to do.

Lauren Hogg

I think that most people have at some point had a binge-drink session,I don't necessarily think that it is such a bad thing as long as you are not doing it regularly.
At the time you don't think of your health,you just want to have fun.
When I was in my teens I was a big drinker but I now drink very little as I find it boring. I quite happily go sober and it doesn't bother me.
I think that children aren't educated enough about the dangers and alcohol is hidden away from them when they are young like it's some sort of forbidden fruit,we should be more like other countries that let youngsters have a very small glass of wine with meals.

danny singh

hi my name is danny and i am a alcoholic i fully understand where Cindy is comeing from ive been drinking since 17 now i am 37 its mainely accative drinking and when i do stop for a while i get these thoughts in my head i can do control drinking but it always end up binge drinking where i can go through 3-4 75cl btls of vodka a day i have just been to norway on a ship with my wife and came back on a plane after being so intoxecated that i was not alowd to travel from norway i caught a flight to denmark the sweeden just drinking my self to death i came back to newcatlte aiport and headed for the stright bar and booze shop i cant remember a thing goes on when im drinking but i do remember falling of the plane and have 20 stiches in my eyebrow this drinking is causing me me so many problems with the police and family i have 2 young childen and a fantastic partner julie and if cindy can get every thing back in my life the i can plesae author contact me maybe there is someone out there needs to read my life


i have binge drank at weekends for years not thinking its a problem,but now in my 30's,separated with a child i realise it is.i actually now have to make myself stay in so i dont have that reoccuring cycle of drink,black outs then the horrendous guilt that lasts for days,so i then do it all again to forget about the weekend before. so far i have bin incredibly lucky not to get attacked or hospitalised.the trouble is people think i am such a party person life and soul and all that i always get asked to go as i am such fun when i am drunk.i try to tell myself i will just have a couple,but i know i will drink till the bar shuts.yes i feel more confident and sexy when i am drunk and have tried a couple of times going out and not drinking and had half a good time,staring in horror at the drunks at the bar knowing full well thats what i look like,but it still doesn't put me off.for now i am staying in,to avoid temptation,but how long that will last i don't know.

sharon taylor

I have been binge drinking for the last 5 years, as with cindy i had no recollection of the previous night. I ended up in hospital several times even resulting in emergency brain surgery. My drinking came to an end in february this year when i was admitted to hospital with stomach and chest pain which turned out to be pancreatitis. This shocked me to the core i had no idea alcohol damaged the pancreas i always thought it only affected the liver and knew that the liver can repair itself


hi ilive on my own hate it so i drink to take away my lonelyness


According to the nanny state if you drink more than 2 pints of lager a day you are a binge drinker, these figures were plucked out of the air and simply make people laugh. No way on earth has someone drinking 3 pints a day got a drink problem or any other health issues.


my husband drinks every night but cos he drinks at home he thinks that is ok an he is not hurting anyone, but not realising i have to sit and watch his words getting more slurred till he falls asleep on the floor an goes to bed in the early hours then up for work next day, over the limit. he has suffered gout many times now of which he is being treated for the doctor ask how much he drinks of cause they are not told the full truth on that. so the cycle carries on. i have asked him to stop or cut down answers are what other pleasures do i have i work hard i do not go out this is my relaxing time.


I binge drink every chance I get and to be honest I am disgusted with myself, but I cannot control my disire to do it.
I work 12 hour shift, 2 days & 2 nights. After my last night I sometime stay up and get completely hammered, as I feel a need to let my hair down.
If I drink too much or drink certain drinks, I get breathless and go blotchy all over my body(which is not good), but I continue to drink untill I amso exhausted I fall asleep.
it's really not clever and at 36 really think enough is enough, but I am not sure that I am strong enough to quit my stupidity

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